Celebrating 127 years!


The 127th Annual Show
Sturton and Stow Agricultural and Horticultural Association

will be held at

1.30 – 4.30pm 4th October 2014

Sturton by Stow School and Youth Wing

Signing up for entries is 7 – 9pm Wednesday 1st October at Sturton Village Hall, by post or by email using the form available on the blog. Schedules available at Sturton Stores and on the blog.

Come along and enjoy looking at the entries (and checking if you have won!), visit the various craft stalls, the classic cars, the archery or the birds of prey or enjoy the excellent refreshments provided by the Youth Club.

Be part of this great village tradition.

Admission is 50p adults and 30p for children.

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Lemon Drizzle Cake

I went to the Sturton and Stow History Society’s Open Day recently; it was a super afternoon and a lot of hard work had been put in to put on such an interesting exhibition. Whilst there, like at our own Village Show, I met lots of old school friends and other villagers that I only see at these events; it was great to catch up and I’m looking forward to the next. Anyway to the point of this post; I also met two of our new Vice Presidents, one was selling tickets for a WWI Cake, I didn’t win it but a school friend did; when I said I was on the Committee of the Sturton and Stow Show she pointed out that she had made the Lemon Drizzle Cake to the recipe which the Show Committee has published in the schedule and on our blog and on Facebook but when cutting it, it was not cooked in the middle. This set me a challenge, I had to try it. Today was the day; lemons grated, other ingredients weighed out and then mixed together, 2lb bread tin prepared (I actually used one of those silicone things). Oven up to temperature and cake in, two things different to the published recipe, I put paper over the top for the first half hour. After 40 minutes I put a skewer in only to find it didn’t come out clean so back in the oven it went; I think I left it in for 50 minutes which is 15 minutes longer than the published recipe says. Below is the result. I have to say it is the best lemon drizzle cake I have ever made; perhaps that’s because I haven’t made one before! Please if you read this and know anyone that will be making this cake can you ask them to check with a skewer to make sure it is cooked.



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Schedule Amendment

Will I ever get the schedule error free? The suspected error that woke me up at around 0200 hours was “had I got the classes right for the higher prize money”? I hadn’t! This year I went through the schedule and re-numbered the classes but forgot to amend the classes for the higher rate of prize money. Below is the correct breakdown and not as shown in the schedule i.e. Classes 46 and 59 are no longer at the higher rate.

Classes 48 and 62 – 1st Prize £5.00 2nd Prize £3.00 3rd Prize £2.00
All other classes – 1st Prize £1.50 2nd Prize £1.00 3rd Prize £0.50

If you notice I have made any more mistakes please let me know.

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My work never ends!

You will see from the photo the schedules and badges are sitting on my table waiting to be bagged up and taken to deliverers. I still need help with High Street, Sturton by Stow and whilst on the subject of needing help we are still looking for a Show Treasurer so if you are good with figures and have a few hours to spare please get in touch. Further details can be requested from either Sally our retiring treasurer or me, our retired treasurer.


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127th Show Schedule

I really must get a life; I’ve just spent over one hour trying to publish the Show Schedule on this blog so you don’t have to wait until they appear in the village shop and on your doormat, that is if you are a Vice President. Anyway, I succeeded and you can find a copy under ‘Schedules’ above.

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Show Vice Presidents

I am sure you will be delighted to know that the Vice President badges have arrived and, after a few delays, the schedule is at the printers; I expect to get copies back by the weekend which is about a month earlier than usual so hopefully VPs will get their copies in the very near future.


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Getting ready for the Show

Are you getting ready for the Show? The Schedule will be available later in summer at the Sturton village shop, will be delivered to you if you subscribe as a Vice President and it will also be published on the blog.

Remember that the signing up night is on Wednesday 1st October at the Village Hall; entry forms are available with the copies of the Schedule. Alternatively a copy will be available on line and you will also be able to submit it on line or by post.


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