From Simon Smith’s Camera

The photographs below were kindly sent to us by Simon Smith, ‘Smithyveg’.  Those of you familiar with our Show will recognise Simon as one of our major exhibitors at the Show. 

If you are new to showing and would like a little guidance then why not have a look at Simon’s blog page at  At the top of his page Simon says he has been “growing and showing veg since 1996….far from being an expert but this is my attempt to try and help first time ‘showers’ understand the terminology and basics of ‘showing’, by sharing my week-by-week growing cycle with them…..interspersed with the odd personal comment about this mad world we live in! Whilst they are personal comments it is a fact that I am ALWAYS right!”

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One Response to From Simon Smith’s Camera

  1. David Maund says:

    Simon, if you are following this, I would love to become an invited reader of your blog-spot.
    I used to follow all the time until the changes were made, and miss the wit and usfull information.

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