Objectives and Rules of the Show




(1) The association shall endeavour to promote and foster interests in Agriculture and Horticulture, in Sturton,Stowand the surrounding district and shall stage shows for this purpose consisting mainly of open competitive classes.  In addition, the Association shall include in its shows such Domestic Science, Arts and Crafts classes beneficial educationally to the competitors and the community.

(2) No distribution of funds shall be made to members, except prize money, and in the event of the dissolution of the Association the members shall have no right to share in the Accumulated Fund but shall apply the Association’s assets to such a charitable purpose or purposes as may be agreed.

(3) The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be open to the public and all subscribers.

(4) All subscribers of £3.00 and above are to be VICE-PRESIDENTS and subscribers of £25.00 and above are to beLIFEVICE-PRESIDENTS.  Where 2 persons from the same residence wish to be Vice-Presidents the fee shall be £5.00 for the couple.

(5) Rules 1 to 4 inclusive shall be altered only in Annual General Meetings of the Association but no alteration, variation or addition may be made to the Rules which would make the objects or assets of the association not exclusively charitable or the assets of the association applicable otherwise than for exclusively charitable purposes.




(6) Root and Corn Classes are OPEN.  Produce, Flowers and Cacti Classes are OPEN to ANYONE not employing a full-time gardener.  Classes in all other sections are OPEN to ANYONE not being a professional in the art or craft of that section, unless otherwise stated.

(7) All Exhibits, except in the Floral Art Section, must have been grown by or be the original work of the Exhibitor.  Cacti and Window Plants must have been grown by or have been in the possession of the Exhibitor for at least three calendar months.

(8) No prize-winning Exhibits at previous shows of this Association are eligible for competition in Classes 136 – 191.

(9) All specimens for exhibition must be staged not later than10.00 a.m.on the morning of the Show.  Vases and containers should be provided by the Exhibitors.

(10) Exhibitors are allowed any number of entries in each Class except where stated, but can take only one money prize.  Exhibits displayed without Entry Tickets disqualified.

(11) Only Exhibitors and Officials will be allowed access to Exhibits before the opening of the Show.

(12) The Association will not be responsible for loss of or damage done to any exhibit.

(13) Entry Fee for all classes 25p per Exhibit except Children’s classes (Free).

(14) The First prize in any class may not necessarily be awarded unless there are at least 2 exhibits, the Second prize unless there are at least 3 exhibits, the Third prize unless there are at least 4 exhibits.  A Highly Commended award may be given to the fourth best exhibit at the Judge’s discretion.

(15) The Show will be open from1.30 p.m.to4.30 p.m.and no exhibit may be removed until4.30 p.m.without permission, but all exhibits not for sale to be removed by5.00 p.m.  Any exhibits remaining after5.00 p.m.will be deemed to be the property of the Show and will be offered for sale, unless notified otherwise.

(16) Admission: Vice-Presidents Free (by badge).  Adults 50p each.  Children 30p each.

(17) No dogs, except guide dogs, shall be allowed in the Exhibition.

(18) Any Exhibitor making an objection must deposit £1.00 with the Secretary, and this shall be returned if the objection is sustained; the deposit shall not be necessary if the objector be a member of the committee.

(19) All entries will be accepted at the Village Hall on Wednesday 3rd October from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. or they may be received by post (including entry fees) on or before Thursday 4th October 2012.

(20) Prize money will be paid out by the Treasurer at the Show from 4.30 p.m.to 5.30 p.m.on Saturday 6th October.  All prize money not claimed by 31st October 2012 to revert to the funds of the Association.

(21) Children who were at Primary School until the end of Summer Term in the Show year may enter the 11 to 12 year classes.  All such entries are to show the age of the Exhibitor at the time the exhibit was made.

(20) Persons wilfully infringing the Rules shall forfeit any prize money awarded to them.  In all disputes, the decision of the Committee shall be final.


Mrs Rebecca Andrews, Hon. Secretary, West Farm, Normanby byStow,Gainsborough,DN2 5LQ

Tel: 01427 788439: Mrs Pam Rose, Hon. Treasurer 01427 788356


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