2013 Show Results

Section Class No Class Description 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
CORN 1 Sample of Barley Anne Taylor Tamara Searby Tamara Searby
CORN 2 Sample of hard milling wheat James Winter Peter Moulds Anne Taylor
CORN 3 Sample of soft milling wheat Oliver Winter Richard Searby Peter Moulds
BEANS 4 Sample of Spring Beans Peter Moulds Anne Taylor
BEANS 5 Sample of Winter Beans
RAPE 6 Sample of Oil Seed Rape Anne Taylor Oliver Winter James Winter
ROOTS 7 4 Heaviest Roots Norman Birkett J Thompson Norman Birkett
ROOTS 8 4 Red Mangolds Norman Birkett Norman Birkett Norman Birkett
ROOTS 9 4 Mangolds (any other colour) Norman Birkett Norman Birkett Norman Birkett
ROOTS 10 4 Swedes Norman Birkett Norman Birkett Norman Birkett
ROOTS 11 4 Sugar Beet Peter Moulds Norman Birkett Norman Birkett
PRODUCE (OUT) 12 Cabbage Green Pair Stuart Ogle Ian Justice Trevor Smith
PRODUCE (OUT) 13 Cabbage Red 2 Stuart Ogle Alan Wright
PRODUCE (OUT) 14 Cauliflower 2 Ian Justice Alan Wright
PRODUCE (OUT) 15 Carrots stump-rooted 3 Ian Justice Keith Kettleborough
PRODUCE (OUT) 16 Carrots Long 3 Ian Justice
PRODUCE (OUT) 17 Parsnips 3 Ian Justice
PRODUCE (OUT) 18 Beet Round 3 Trevor Smith Trevor Smith Richard Fleckney
PRODUCE (OUT) 19 Celery 2 heads
PRODUCE (OUT) 20 Vegetable Marrow (Novice) Alan Wright Tracy Snowden Rachel Savage
PRODUCE (OUT) 20a Vegetable Marrow Norman Birkett Stuart Ogle Norman Birkett
PRODUCE (OUT) 21 Marrows 2 matching Norman Birkett Alan Wright Richard Fleckney
PRODUCE (OUT) 22 Largest Marrow Ian Justice J Thompson James Crowder
PRODUCE (OUT) 23 Largest Pumpkin J Thompson Dawn Barker
PRODUCE (OUT) 24 Heaviest Carrot
PRODUCE (OUT) 25 Leeks 3 Blanched Ian Justice
PRODUCE (OUT) 26 Leeks 3 Pot (under 6in) Ian Justice Andrew Waller
PRODUCE (IN) 27 Potatoes 5 round Ian Justice Richard Fleckney Trevor Smith
PRODUCE (IN) 28 Potatoes 5 kidney Ian Justice Trevor Smith
PRODUCE (IN) 29 Potatoes 5 white kidney Richard Fleckney Trevor Smith Ian Justice
PRODUCE (IN) 30 Potatoes 5 coloured kidney Ian Justice Norman Birkett Richard Fleckney
PRODUCE (IN) 31 Potatoes 5 size and quality Ian Justice Richard Fleckney
PRODUCE (IN) 32 Potatoes coll of 3 vars 3 each Ian Justice
PRODUCE (IN) 33 Exhibition Onions Dressed (3) Ian Justice John Bennett Alan Wright
PRODUCE (IN) 34 Onions Globe 5 under 1/2 lb Ian Justice John Bennett Norman Birkett
PRODUCE (IN) 35 Onions 5 1/2 lb min 2lb max Ian Justice John Bennett Richard Fleckney
PRODUCE (IN) 36 Richard Fleckney Alan Wright
PRODUCE (IN) 37 Eschallots pickling under 1″ 7 Alan Wright John Bennett Richard Fleckney
PRODUCE (IN) 38 Tomatoes 5 Ian Justice Trevor Smith Alan Wright
PRODUCE (IN) 39 A truss of Cherry Tomatoes Marion E Carlile Keith Kettleborough Richard Fleckney
PRODUCE (IN) 40 Cucumber Trevor Smith John Cobble Jean Snowden
PRODUCE (IN) 41 Runner Beans 6 Ian Justice Alan Wright Richard Fleckney
PRODUCE (IN) 42 Longest Runner Bean (green) John Fotheringham Ian Justice Richard Fleckney
PRODUCE (IN) 43 Truss of tomatoes Ian Justice Marion E Carlile
PRODUCE (IN) 43a HeaviestTomato Trevor Smith
PRODUCE (IN) 44 Brussels Sprouts 9 knobs John Bennett
PRODUCE (IN) 45 Coll of 4 different veg (Novice) Ben Jacob Dawn Barker
PRODUCE (IN) 46 Coll of veg 6 kinds 1 each Trevor Smith Norman Birkett
PRODUCE (IN) 46a Misshapen Vegetable Jean Snowden Norman Birkett Keith Kettleborough
FRUIT 47 Apples Bramley 3 John Bennett Marion E Carlile Norman Birkett
FRUIT 48 Apples Cooking aov 3 Norman Birkett Sadie Ashton Stuart Ogle
FRUIT 49 Apples Dessert aov 3 Norman Birkett Richard Searby Terry Newboult
FRUIT 50 Specimen Apple, Cooking Charles Elliott Mel Banham Charles Elliott
FRUIT 51 Specimen Apple, Dessert Richard Searby Charles Elliott Norman Birkett
FRUIT 52 Pears, Cooking, 3, or Dessert, 3 Stuart Ogle John Bennett Norman Birkett
FRUIT 53 Pears Ripe eating 3 Norman Birkett
FRUIT 54 Specimen Pear (Any Variety) Lynda Thomson John Bennett
FRUIT 55 Specimen apple or pear (Novice) Richard Searby
FRUIT 56 Coll of dessert apples Norman Birkett Marion E Carlile John Bennett
FRUIT 57 Coll of cooking apples John Bennett
FRUIT 58 Bunch of grapes Trevor Smith
FRUIT 59 Collection of fruit Norman Birkett Trevor Smith
FLOWERS 60 Pot plant foliage Anne Blades William Pickwell John Bennett
FLOWERS 61 Pot plant in bloom William Pickwell Anne Blades John Bennett
FLOWERS 62 Fuchsia in pot Anne Blades Richard Fleckney Gill Worrell
FLOWERS 63 Chrysanths, 3 blooms early Ian Justice
FLOWERS 64 Chrysanth, 3 sprays William Pickwell
FLOWERS 65 Dahlias, small or min decorative Bryan Parman William Pickwell Stuart Ogle
FLOWERS 66 Dahlias, 2 different varieties Robert Leeder Stuart Ogle Robert Leeder
FLOWERS 67 Dahlias cactus/semi cactus, 3 in vase Stuart Ogle William Pickwell Stuart Ogle
FLOWERS 68 Dahlias, pom-pom, 5 in vase Robert Leeder Robert Leeder Robert Leeder
FLOWERS 69 Dahlias, small or miniature, 3 blooms Stuart Ogle Bryan Parman Stuart Ogle
FLOWERS 70 Rose, 1 specimen HT Richard Fleckney William Pickwell Richard Fleckney
FLOWERS 71 Roses floribunda 3 stems Richard Fleckney
FLOWERS 72 Roses 3 blooms in vase William Pickwell Richard Fleckney Richard Fleckney
FLOWERS 73 Vase of blue flowers Richard Fleckney Tricia Elliott William Pickwell
FLOWERS 74 One flower and one vegetable Ian Justice Bryan Parman William Pickwell
FLOWERS 75 Vase of fresh flowers William Pickwell John Bennett Richard Fleckney
FLOWERS 76 Vase of fresh flowers (U16) Charlotte Clydesdale
FLOWERS 77 Container of Pansies / Violas Trevor Smith Richard Fleckney William Pickwell
FLOWERS 77a Collection of 3 Pansies / Violas in flower Richard Fleckney William Pickwell Catherine Booth
FLORAL ART 78 As You Like It for residents within 6 miles
FLORAL ART 79 Table Talk Marjorie Clayworth
FLORAL ART 80 Recycled Marjorie Clayworth
FLORAL ART 81 The Beauty of Autumn Marjorie Clayworth
FLORAL ART 82 Economy Marjorie Clayworth
FLORAL ART 83 60 Glorious Years Marjorie Clayworth
FLORAL ART 84 Dinky Clare Booth
FLORAL ART 85 Garden Treasures Marjorie Clayworth Marjorie Clayworth
FLORAL ART 86 A buttonhole for a gentleman Marjorie Clayworth Gillian Smith Patricia Shepphard
FLORAL ART 87 A spray for a Lady Marjorie Clayworth Patricia Shepphard
FLORAL ART 88 Junior Choice (U16) Hannah Clydesdale Catherine Booth Emily Brown
WILD & TAMED 89 Potato in a Bucket – U16 Jack Hobbs Alex Williams Daniel Williams
WILD & TAMED 89a Longest Runner Bean – U16 Alex Williams Khyra Wright Scarlet Morris
WILD & TAMED 90 “Natures Bounty” – U11 Tamara Searby Nathan Bayliss Katy-Erin thomson
WILD & TAMED 91 An animal made from fruit and/or veg – U14 Katy-Erin Thomson Catherine Booth Charlie Byrne
WILD & TAMED 91a Largest Sunflower Head – U16 Charlie Byrne Molly Crowder Euan Ashton-Lee
CACTI & SUC 92 Specimen Cactus Lynda White John Bennett William Pickwell
CACTI & SUC 93 Collection of 3 cacti John Bennett Trevor Smith
CACTI & SUC 94 Cactus (Pot less than 3.5″) John Bennett Trevor Smith William Pickwell
CACTI & SUC 95 Specimen succulent
CACTI & SUC 96 Collection of cacti or succulents John Bennett
CACTI & SUC 97 Succulent (Pot less than 3.5″) John Bennett Richard Fleckney
CACTI & SUC 98 Cactus or succulent in flower John Bennett Richard Fleckney
CACTI & SUC 99 Cactus or succulent (U16) Catherine Booth
DOMESTIC E&P 100 Eggs 6 Ann Waller Andrew Waller Lorraine White
DOMESTIC E&P 101 Jam Blackcurrant Gillian Smith Gill Worrell ————
DOMESTIC E&P 102 Jam Raspberry Donna Timmins Gillian Smith Gill Worrell
DOMESTIC E&P 103 Jam Strawberry Gillian Smith Donna Timmins Gillian Smith
DOMESTIC E&P 104 Jam aov Paula Justham Gillian Smith Gillian Smith
DOMESTIC E&P 105 Fruit Curd Pam Rose Dawn Barker Gill Worrell
DOMESTIC E&P 106 Jelly Lorraine White Qwen Mills Ann Waller
DOMESTIC E&P 107 Marmalade Gill Worrell Gillian Smith Pam Rose
DOMESTIC E&P 108 Chutney Sharon Banham Gill Worrell Gill Worrell
DOMESTIC E&P 109 Pickles Gill Worrell Terence Denton Gillian Smith
COOKERY 110 Lemon Meringue Pie Chris Marr Dawn Barker Bev Picksley
COOKERY 111 Apple Tart Dawn Barker Glenis Benson Wendy Holland
COOKERY 112 6 short pastries, 2 vars Dawn Barker Carol Moore Anne Bontoft
COOKERY 113 6 short bread biscuits Katy-Erin Thomson Linda Crosby Carol Moore
COOKERY 114 Rich fruit cake Alison Sellars Terence Denton ————
COOKERY 115 Carrot cake Donna Timmins Dawn Barker Carol Moore
COOKERY 116 Cherry Cake Dawn Barker Terence Denton Carol Moore
COOKERY 117 Swiss Roll Donna Timmins Lynda White
COOKERY 118 Victoria Sandwich Carol Moore Wendy Holland Bev Picksley
COOKERY 119 Chocolate sandwich cake Carol Moore Dawn Barker Myrtle Shaw
COOKERY 120 Quiche Anne Bontoft
COOKERY 121 Savoury scones Dawn Barker Carol Moore
COOKERY 122 Small fancy cakes 6 Myrtle Shaw Carol Moore Anne Bontoft
COOKERY 123 Baked custard Alison Sellars
COOKERY 124 Plum Loaf Carol Moore Dawn Barker Terence Denton
COOKERY 125 Focaccia / Ciabatta bread David Justham David Justham
COOKERY 126 Loaf of bread white Jean Snowden Richard Woolhouse
COOKERY 127 Loaf of bread brown Richard Woolhouse
COOKERY 128 Bread rolls 6 Jean Snowden Anne Bontoft Alison Sellars
COOKERY 129 Choc-chip muffins 4 Carol Moore Dawn Barker Donna Mason-Watson
COOKERY 129a Tea for two Carol Moore Dawn Barker
COOKERY 130 Small fancy cakes (14 to 16)
COOKERY 131 A Parent’s Lunchbox Catherine Booth Emily Brown
COOKERY 132 Decorated Gingerbread Man Catherine Booth Alexander Hicks Katy-Erin Thomson
COOKERY 133 Whoopee cakes (16 and under) Catherine Booth Emily Brown
COOKERY 134 Butterfly Cakes (7 to 10) Katy-Erin Thomson Catherine Booth Molly Crowder
COOKERY 135 Sandwich Cake (11 to 13) Autumn Usher
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 136 Article made from textiles (11 and under) Annabel Nicholson Catherine Booth Emily Waller
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 137 Article made from textiles (12 to16)
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 138 Hand knitted Garment or Article Lorraine White Wendy Holland Annabel Nicholson
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 139 Cross Stitch Ruth Rose
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 140 Embroided Article or Picture
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 141 Tapestry (Wool) Ruth Rose
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 142 Crocheted garment or article Tilly Collingwood Tilly Collingwood Annabel Nicholson
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 143 Child’s soft toy Lorraine White Lorraine White Marjorie Clayworth
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 144 Any other hand-made article Ellie Grice Helen Saxby Maryke Read
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 145 Any decorative craftwork incorporating textile Ellie Grice Eileen Straw Ellie Grice
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 146 A Handmade Greetings card Tilly Collingwood Tilly Collingwood Tilly Collingwood
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 146a Design your own greetings card – 11 and under Catherine Booth Emily Waller
NEEDLE/CRAFTWK 146b Design your own greetings card – 12 to 16
ART 147 Picture (Reception class) Rowan Savage Samuel Fanjul-Magee Max Jackman
ART 148 Picture (Year 1) River Bridges Ella Poole Ellie Castellucio
ART 149 Picture (Year 2) Evie Cook Lexi Skeates Rosa Moore
ART 150 Picture (Year 3) Charlotte Eichman Gould Natasha Poole Evie Bole
ART 151 Picture (Year 4) Amy Lees Jack Castellucio Oliver Dolby
ART 152 Picture (Year 5) Connor Staples Alexander Mason-Watson Chloe Lock
ART 153 Picture (Year 6) Felice Molinarlo Molly Snee Francesca Tate
ART 154 Picture (Preschool Playgroup) Kennedy Farmer Oscar Stanton Olivia Simpson
ART 155 Picture – 5 and under
ART 156 Picture 6 to 11 Emily Waller Catherine Booth Bradley Holdom
ART 157 Picture or Design – 12 to 16 Emily Brown Georgia Stanton
ART 158 A Drawing Harald Furness Harald Furness
ART 159 Picture or Portrait any med Sue Young Sue Young Maryke Read
POETRY 160 Poem – Any title – Any style Anthony Scawthon Anthony Scawthon
POETRY 161 Poem – Any Title – Any style under 16 Eve Scott Leo Scott Autumn Usher
HANDWRITING 162 Handwriting – 5 years and under Ellie Castellucio Rowan Savage ————
HANDWRITING 163 Handwriting – 6-7 years ———— ———— ————
HANDWRITING 163a Handwriting – 8-9 years Catherine Booth Katy-Erin Thomson Edward Timmins
HANDWRITING 163b Handwriting – 10-11 years Hannah Clydesdale ———— ————
CRAFT DESIGN 164 Craft Design Reception
CRAFT DESIGN 165 Craft Design Y1 Ella Poole River Bridges Harriet White
CRAFT DESIGN 166 Craft Design Y2 Rose Moore Angelo Molinario Ella White
CRAFT DESIGN 167 Craft Design Y3 Elizabeth Forman Ralfie Timmins Lottie Forrester
CRAFT DESIGN 168 Craft Design Y4 Leah Flannigan Molly Crowder Harry Leek
CRAFT DESIGN 169 Craft Design Y5 Hannah Pigott Ben Oliver Lucy Mason-Watson
CRAFT DESIGN 170 Craft Design Y6 Isobel Hughes Francesca Tate Molly Snee
HANDWORK 171 Any article in wood – 11 and under
HANDWORK 172 Any article in wood – 12 to 16 Toby Usher Toby Usher
HANDWORK 173 Handmade article, Model or Ceramic
HANDWORK 174 An item of Jewellery Helen Hicks Lorraine White Ellie Grice
HANDWORK 175 Article or Model from kit – 11 and under Leo Scott Freddie Starkey Ellie Castellucio
HANDWORK 176 Article or Model from kit – 12 to 16 Jack Hobbs
HANDWORK 177 Article or Model not from kit 11 and under Jack Castellucio Ellie Castellucio Matthew Waller
HANDWORK 178 Article or Model not from kit – 12 to 16 Emily Brown
HANDWORK 179 Decorated Wellington – 11 and under Catherine Booth
HANDWORK 180 Decorated Wellington – 12 to 16
HANDWORK 181 Computer drg. or des. – 12 to 16 Autumn Usher
HANDWORK 182 Computer picture or pattern. – 11 and under Catherine Booth Emily Waller Alexander Hicks
HANDWORK 183 Lego model – 16 and under Freddie Starkey Jack Castellucio Ellie Castellucio
HANDWORK 184 Lego not model – 16 and under Sam Tindall Charlotte Clydesdale Alexander Mason-Watson
PHOTOGRAPHY 185 A Person(s) Andrew Brooks Andrew Brooks ————
PHOTOGRAPHY 186 Black and white photograph Alan Wright Andrew Brooks Andrew Brooks
PHOTOGRAPHY 187 Animals or Plants or Birds Andrew Brooks Graeme Wase Andrew Brooks
PHOTOGRAPHY 188 Landscape Photograph Graeme Wase Andrew Brooks Andrew Brooks
PHOTOGRAPHY 189 A snapshot in colour – age 10 and under Catherine Booth Catherine Booth Catherine Booth
PHOTOGRAPHY 190 Colour photograph taken at Show Pam Rose Pam Rose ————
PHOTOGRAPHY 191 Colour photo – Subject in movement Martin Holland Linda Crosby Andrew Brooks
PHOTOGRAPHY 192 Snapshot colour – 11-16 Hannah Bontoft Emily Brown ————
PHOTOGRAPHY 193 Brown Interest Lorraine White Andrew Brooks Andrew Brooks


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